Eliminating Human Mindset In Assimilation of Dafa

Greetings to Reverence Master.

Greetings to fellow practitioners!

My name is Zhuo Baoxuan (Sylvia), I obtained the Fa in 1998.

I would like to share some of my personal experiences after attending New York Fa Conference this year with my fellow practitioners. If there are any short comings, please kindly point out to me.

  1. Letting go the attachment of focusing on the shortcomings of fellow practitioners

I am very fortunate to be able to attend Master’s “2016 New York Fa Conference” this year. Myunderstandingabout the human mindset is that it is derived fromthe course of reincarnations over many life cycles. After listening to Master’s teachings and searching inward, I realised that I have too much of human mindsets, thinking that I have a better understanding of the Fa than others, thinking that other practitioners were not adhering to the teaching of the Fa, and hence, I had developed this attachment.

Sometimes ago, some local practitioners planned to register a legal society for the purpose of application of Shen Yun. In the process of them doing this, I always thought that they did not do it right. Assuming that they did not study enough Fa, just forcing things along. I focused on their shortcomings, questioning whether if they have done it the right way? Reflecting all kinds of human thoughts. Asking why all these veteran practitioners who have done the cultivation for so long, and they are still having human thoughts, not following the Fa teaching in doing things, but without realising that, I did not use the Fa to reflect upon myself. My heart was moved during the discussions. My tone was rather unkind and lack compassion,emphasized onothers right and wrong. Why would it touch my heart and get trapped in the circle and couldn’t escape? When one keep focusing on others bad things, then it would develop a certain mindset, and we keep looking outward. This time around when I listened to Master’s teachings and realised that my mindset was incorrect. I was adding bad substance to fellow practitioners. When I see a practitioner with certain attachment, I should first see if I have harboured any heart and any attachment myself and should not look for fellow practtioner’s shortcomings. When I see the inadequacies of others, we should make up for them silently and not to blame others. Just to observe how others cultivate, that can’t change others and they may not accept either. Master said: “I often say that if all a person wants is the well-being of others and if this is without the slightest personal motivation or personal understanding, what he says will move the listener to tears.” 《Essentials For Further Advancement》《Clearheadedness》

  1. Searching inwards, changingmindsets

Through the discussions with fellowpractitioners, we realized that each and every one of the Dafa disciples has shortcomings. Once you have observed that then you should search within yourselves. If you hearanything, do not be tempted or be influenced. Everyone has Master’s Fashen in control. We do not need to get attached. Once I understood that and let go of my heart, and completely escaped from it, I felt the total lightness over my body. At the same time I could really appreciate theFa principle “if you take a step back, the world would open up for you. You would also see the whole big picture”; because I have gotten rid of my human mindset. By learning studying theFa diligently, the understanding of Fa principle has also achieved fewer sublimations. Thanks to Master’s mercy, he has given me another chance to improve.

In the past I had an attachment towards food, and was seriously fond of good and tasty stuffs. This is also a human attachment which can fail a practitioner. Moreover, recently I began to develop a dislike towardssome of the sour, sweet, bitter or spicy stuffs. I realised that itwas time I should get rid of thisattachment towards food and taste. I do not feel any specific taste when I consume food stuffs, I realised that it’s time to get rid of my attachment towards food. Master once said:

“Eating, but caring not to taste—

The palate’s attachments severed”

《Hong Yin》《Abiding In The Dao》


  1. Cultivation of Speech, Rectify Your Own Words and Deeds

In the past, a practitioner said there wasa coordinator in our area who was very cowardly, in which I too agreed with. The coordinator was slow to act and was not decisive in his work. When I read Master’s Ninth Lecture of Zhuan Falun, “Someone has said that, if this person has to do till this level, then ordinary people would say that we are too weak and would easily got bullied. But I said it is not cowardice. You see, the more senior among ordinary people, people with higher cultural status would still be talking about conservation, and would not descend to ordinary level. Moreover, we are cultivation practitioners. How can that be weak? I said that is the manifestation of the benevolent heart, It is a manifestation of the strong will, only practitioners can have such a big benevolent heart. There is such a saying:“When an average person is humiliated, he’ll draw his sword to fight.” For an everyday person, it is only natural that if you swear at me I will swear at you, and that if you hit me I will hit you back as well. That is just an everyday person—could he be called a practitioner? As a cultivator, if you don’t have a strong will, if you can’t control yourself, then youwill not be able to do this.”

After studying this Fa from Master, I realised that it is not cowardice of the responsible person that he has a big benevolent heart. When he hears someone else speaking about him, he does not respond nor will he get angry. This is a manifestation of his ability to be patient. This is the cultivation level of the practitioner, can only be achieved with lots of conservation. It is not so in my case. When I see someone do things wrongly, I would feel uncomfortable and always wish to say a few words, even feel that it is so righteous myself. Always could not let go of the rights or wrongs of others. Sometimes I even accused fellow practitioners. I did not managed to listen nor to hear it. When others point out my shortfall I tend to defend and justify it. These are all human mindsets. Now I realised, whenever I hear something, do not make it an issue and do not keep it at heart. If I hear something that is not appropriate then I should not propagate it further and should stop with me right here. Then it would not make the matter worse.As Master said: “We should all speak according to a practitioner’s xinxing rather than create conflicts or say something improper. As cultivators, we must measure ourselves with the standard of the Fa to determine whether we should say certain things. What should be said will not be a problem if one complies with the Fa’s xinxing standard for cultivators”《Zhuan Falun》. We should cultivate our speech well and do not preach something that should not be said. Do not make mistakes in speeches. Do not always talk about other people’s inadequacy. This is where I want to correct myself and change my own mindset. To have a compassionate heart and have tolerance towards every fellow practitioners; we must rectify our own words and actions.

  1. Clarifying the truth in various ways

Live organ harvesting is still taking place in China. A petition campaignwas then initiated by David Kilgour, the Former Canadian Director of the Asia Pacific Region of Canada and David Matas, a human rights lawyer. Without realising the situation, in one experience exchange with some practitioners from Batam Island, I got to know that they have signed up more than 20,000 petition signatures. When I asked the person-in-charge in our area and was told that we have only managed to sign up some 2,000 plus. Knowing that we have not done well because we did not put more effort to fulfill our mission. Later, after having discussions with fellow practitioners, we set out together to collect signatures for the petition. Most of the Malays are very kind and are willing to sign while some of the Chinese people are reluctant to sign. Wethen tell them about the truth of the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong and live organ harvesting. Some said: “One person from our family representing all of us will do, so no need for all to sign”. I said to him: “Can one person eat on behalf of the family, then everyone would be full? Is it not everyone must eat individually before they are full, right?”  He and the rest of the family members signed after listening to this.We also went to the courts for signatures. There were also some who did not sign. We then clarify the truth for them, saying that “can you just do nothing if you see someone committed a crime?” I encouraged him to stand up with a sense of justice, stand up for righteousnessand support goodness. As a result, many people have signed it. There was a time when we went to the High Court to requestsignatures for the petition campaign. There were many lawyers and family members who are attending court having their breakfast in the restaurant. A righteous person had signed. Then he said wewere doing well, however, he told us that wewere doing it too slow; he said “I’ll help you to make a board sign”. Then he wrote out on a cardboardplacard and let a fellow practitioner to hold it up. Many of the passers-by saw this and signed there. There and then wehad signed up more than 200 people. All sentient beings were being placed in their positions and people who understand the truth are also supporting goodness. Justice will definitely defeat evil eventually.

The Senior Consultant and Doctor of Nephrology of the General Hospital of Kuala Lumpur, introduced us to four of the major hospitals for signature. We went to the University Hospital and some of the interns were a little scared initially. Some said they need to think about it, I would then started to clarify the truth to them. I told them that“Falun Dafa hasspread to more than 100 countries and regions. However, in China, it is not allowed to practise and it is being suppressed. The most unfortunate and cruel situation was that the Chinese doctors are participating in thislive organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners and removed their organs without anesthetic;this is more evil than fascism! All conscientious people should support goodness”. Finally they all signed up after listening to us. Many doctors from major hospitals have signed up, and many more people have supported the campaign to stop the live organs harvestings. In a very short time, we have signed up more than 60,000 people in Malaysia. Although it wasnot a lot, but we had worked hard so that we would not have anyregret in ourcultivation practice.

The five of us practitioners would share a car and go out every Friday to some more remote towns to distributeflyers and to clarifying the truth. Every Tuesday we will go to the Chinese Consulate to sendforward righteous thoughts. We will allocate two days a week for clarifying the truth at the tourist attractions and to distribute Epoch Times newspapers. We are also currently involved in the petition campaign to prosecute Jiang Zemin. Master said: “three withdrawals” is not the goal, clarifying the truth to save people is the goal.” 《 Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference》. I realised that no matter what we do, we must put the truth in place and make people really understand Falun Gong is and advising people to follow Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance in order to become good people, a better people. We are also need tell the world that the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the CCP is still happening.

Master would open our wisdom if we study the Fa more diligently. Study the Fa more, sending more righteous thoughts, then eventually everything will fall into place very smoothly. In fact, everything is arranged by Master, everything is done by Master. We are actually rectifying ourselves in the process. With this, I will continue to do the truth clarification with diligence.

  1. Cooperation as a whole to save sentient beings

In localactivities, I willtake part inall of them, such as: group Fa study, group practice etc. It is the environment left by Master for us.We must treasure it! I will attend the annual Group Fa Study Camp and annual Fa Conference. In addition to that, I will also take part in some parade activities and cooperate with each other. I will contribute whatever I can in the activities. In the aspect of individual cultivation practice and the mission of saving sentient beings,we much strive to achieve the initial fervor. As far as possible try to cooperate with the coordinator’s arrangements. Let go of self-ego and we should be working as a team. The title of Dafa disciples is not just an empty talk. We have signed an oath with Master. Therefore, we should make good use of the Fa-rectification to save sentient beings and honour our pre-historic vows.

There are still many weakness in my cultivation practice;and I always try my best, under the compassion and care of Master. I will always remind myself that I should study the Fa more, let go of human mindset, eliminate the obstacles among practitioners and learn from each other, and truly form a solid team. We should do the three things well and go home together with Master.

Finally, I dedicate Master’s 《Hong Yin 4》《Heavenly Secret》to all fellow practitioners:

No matter what race all the same

My singing will tell you the truth

Do you know where you are from

Reincarnating but why the human image

Most people in the world are the king of heaven

Descended to save their beings from heaven

The holy king came to earth to teach Dafa

Honor your promise and your wisdom light will be bright

Thank you, Master

Thank you fellow practitioners.