Cultivating diligently after obtaining the Fa,

Taking every opportunity to save sentient beings

I am Kiew Qiao Zhen from Malaysia. I obtained the Fa on 8th October 2000.

Before practising Falun Gong, I had been in a religion for 15 years. I never asked for anything in return. Every day I prayed and chanted sincerely. But there was always a doubtful thought in my mind: “Is this true cultivation?” I had also knelt down before Buddha statue several times, praying for a true way of liberation.

Soon, a friend introduced Dafa to me, and lent me <<Zhuan Falun>>. But my faith in religion became a hindrance. I stopped reading the moment I came to the line “Genuinely Guiding People Towards High Levels” in Lecture One. However, my friend still tried her best to encourage me to continue reading.

One night before falling asleep, I asked myself, “Does Buddha really exist in this world?” Later in my dream, a lotus flower appeared before my eye. It was so colourful, bright and beautiful that no words could describe it. The lotus flower was three-dimensional and it stayed there for a while. I felt joyful and I thought most likely it was the Buddha flower. After that, with the encouragement of my fellow practitioners, I took nine days to finish reading <<Zhuan Falun>>. Then, together with my husband and children, I participated in group Fa study and group exercise. Since then we have been walking on the path of cultivation.

Before cultivation, my body was very weak. Every time after cooking in the kitchen, before I finished cleaning up, my hands would get numb and I would experience chest discomfort and shortness of breath. My legs would also feel weak and heavy. Chinese and western medicine did not work on me. I thought this was my Karma, so every day I would bear the pain until I finished my housework.

Not long after cultivation, after a process of eliminating the Karma, these pains that had tortured me for years were gone. My daughter was also surprised to find that those black spots on both my cheeks had disappeared too. Our family has also become more peaceful and harmonious. Thanks to Master!

Under the arrangement of my fellow practitioners, my daughter joined the Tian Guo Marching Band, and I myself joined the Waist Drum Group. During the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year, we participated in parades at various places, creating a festive atmosphere. At the same time we shared the goodness of Dafa with them. Our grand parades were always welcomed and well-accepted by the locals. They all gladly said that ‘Falun Dafa is good.’

I would usually distribute the Epoch Times at shops or on the street. I would also give them truth materials. Sometimes I would give out company cards of NDTV and Sound of Hope and encourage the people to go online. At the same time, I would also clarify the truth to those who misunderstand about Dafa.

Years ago, my daughter and I participated in New York Fa Conference and New York World Falun Dafa Day parade. Besides, I took part in Hong Kong parade and distributed newspapers at LRT stations there. Once, Taiwan fellow practitioners helped me apply to work at Taipei NTDTV center. I stayed there for 28 days, assisting in the kitchen works. During that time, I was always in the company of many fellow practitioners. We are just like a big family, working together to make Dafa project a success. I could feel the power of Dafa.

Within a month, I had the opportunity to get involved in a series of NTDTV activities, such as traditional Chinese dance competition, singing competition, Han costumes competition, oil painting competition, photography competition and so on. I assisted in distributing flyers, including those that introduce Shenyun Symphony Orchestra. I also played some orchestra music at the scene and it sounded so magnificent. Many people were listening to it attentively.

I am fortunate to become a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. It is a great honour. I would appreciate this long-awaited opportunity and cultivate well. I would make the best use of time to save people and return home with Master.

Lastly, I would like to share a poem in <<Hong Yin>> with fellow practitioners:


On Board the Ship of Righteous Fa

Truth? Mystery? Cultivation?
Confused… alert… enlightened!

January 17, 1993


Due to limited understanding, please kindly point out and rectify my mistakes.