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Title : My Experience on Dafa Cultivation

Date : 9 Dec 2018

Venue: Johor Bahru.

A. Introduction
My  name is Edward Chooi  and I am from George Town ,  Penang . I am a one year practitioner who obtained the FA since Sept. 2017 .

B. Motivation
When I returned from the hospital due to a stroke , I determined to do some walking exercise, daily in the evening at the park . It was after my exercise , that I took a rest on a bench , I automatically displayed my hand gesture in front of my chest . This was strange, and what struck my mind was a hand gesture like a Buddha.
About two weeks after returning home from the hospital ,during my sleep, I felt someone came over my body pulling my veins apart and I was reluctant to push the hand  away with my right hand . It was around  4 to 5 am in the morning , when I got up , I wonder if it was a dream in my sleep.
After the incident , a week later about  the  same time, I had  another dream that someone  was pulling my legs . This could be strengthening my legs muscles I thought. Those  were the incidents that I  dreamt about in my sleep .
It  struck  my mind that I had a book titled Zhuan Falun on my bookshelf ,which I obtained from a colleague 10 years ago. I managed to get in touch with him to have an appointment that evening ,to know more about Falun Dafa. He explained the principles on the Great Law from one’s level of understanding of the FA. There are three important principles namely Zhen – Shan -Ren .These need a person to have Truthfulness( Zhen)  when one speaks to  another, telling the truth on what is happening , showing of Compassion (Shan)  towards others when dealing with people and Endurance (Ren) to understand a person’s needs without showing any temper.
In addition to this, one has to consistently refer to the Great Law for guidance and performed physical cultivation. I think it offers me greater benefits to understand what Falun Gong is all about , at my level and to increase my understanding of the Great Law, to enable  me to do my daily cultivation practice and to enable one to return to where one came from.
The lack of physical exercises , insufficient sleep , nightly late dinners and  type of food , are the main causes of my sickness , after thinking of all the possibilities using a root cause analysis , from an ordinary human perspective. For a medical practitioner , one will only prescribed the medication after diagnosis but the real root cause of the sickness will not be known .
I have different idols lying along the book shelves at home and one on my office desk, mainly for decoration purpose as well as to give me a good career on what I endeavored  to undertake and also for good health. I discarded all these idols based on my level of understanding from the Zhuan Falun .
I started the cultivation practice , after recovery from the stroke , together with my wife, we practiced daily in the evening after work.  The 4 thexercise is the most challenging to me,  because of the up and down movement of the body muscles and legs. My determination and consistent  practice paid off , by overcoming  the hurdle.
It took a few months to learn the basic movement on the exercises from the group practice site , and watching the demonstration exercises from the DVD.

C. Scriptures as supplementary for FA advancement.
I discovered reading the available scriptures ,the various revisions of Zhuan Falun will enhance my Fa understanding tremendously. The yearly FA Conferences on Questions and Answers  from the Fa lectures , explains the principles behind the FA  or the Law of the Cosmos. Falun Dafa activities provide exchange of ideas and “Xinxing” improvement to upgrade oneself in the cultivation.

D. Improving oneself.
When conflict arises, I considered the problem could be due to misunderstanding of oneself, and always look within myself first and try to improve myself . My XinXing level improved significantly. i.e. tempering myself in this manner . Whenever I wanted to do something I always considered the opinion from others, and  to learn from suggestions if any, and allow others to speak first . I found this  very useful especially dealing with different levels of organizations and different racial cultures.

E. Tests used by the Master during cultivation
After a few months of obtaining the Fa,the following were my experiences .
1 st. incident :When I was walking with my wife in the wet market , i found a RM5 note lying infront of a stall. I asked if anyone dropped the money, the owner of the stall said he dropped it and picked it up.
2 nd incident: During a seminar at PSDC at the tea break ,I found a nicely folded RM5 note dropped infront of me.  A colleague asked me if I dropped the money. I told him the money was not mine and I walked away leaving the money as it was.
3 rd incident  happened within a single day : At a bank , I was sitting alone on a chair  next to a coffee table. There was a bunch of car keys left on it.  I passed the keys to the officer , requesting her to keep it in case the  customer return and search for the keys. I left the bank driving on the road when  a car stopped suddenly at the junction in front of me , I was fortunate to apply emergency brakes to avoid an accident. I thought to myself if I left the bank earlier my car would have met with an accident .
4 th incident : I drove my car to town and saw an old lady crossing the road ,pushing her  bicycle.  Suddenly, the lady dropped a plastic bottle on the road ,a few meters  in front  of my car., I braked  instantly , to enable the lady to pick up the bottle and drink the water ,and I waited for her to cross the road . This lesson also teaches me to cultivate “SHAN” – think of others first.
I believed the above events are tests to upgrade my character and awareness in my cultivation process. More challenges are expected to come in the coming future .

F. Experience in Cultivation Practice
The daily exercises had strengthened my body based on the pathological laboratory tests as shown in the medical reports from the hospital ,my memory retention and thought  had improved significantly by reading books of Zhuan Falun  and  “Essentials for Further Advancements“ etc.The memory power has improved and I completed all the work assignments given to me before i had the stroke .
After reading  Zhuan Falun  and FA scriptures ,  a lot of queries had been answered
I understand for whatever events happened ,It is important to track back the activities, step by step on the things done earlier to find the possible causes. It is based on the concept of the time- space relationship on any event .
IN 2015 October ,I fell sick due to Dengue fever and was admitted to hospital for a week .
In my cultivation progress, I discovered that I have a positive field around me that ants and mosquitoes would not come near to me,
Practicing meditation in full lotus position for 60 mins is a requirement but new practitioners might take longer time to achieve this. My proposal to achieve the goal of 60 mins, is to break up the time to 15 ,30 and 60mins duration, in stages in meditation progress. The duration of  15mins meditation may take six months to achieve and duration of 30 mins may take another six months .etc
Example only:

The  awareness of meditation duration depends on individual’s bone structure , karmic debt , muscle flexibility , pain endurance and the frequency of one’s practice . There is no restriction on time for achievement ,as everyone’s  body structure is different and  as long as one is diligent , one will be able to achieve it.

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