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< My Cultivation Story >           Greeting to Shi Fu  and all Practitioners !

I am a Malaysian  practitioner from  Johor Bahru , Johor ; name FAN JIN SHEN . I attained the Fa  9 years ago and was  recommended by a practitioner named Mr Goh.

He could be regarded as a great man in my life. He came to my house with Truth Clarification materials and CDs and I turned him away and asking him not to come to my house anymore .As this negative information of Falun Gong might create conflict of opinions  in my family , rather than receiving some positive information ,we rejected his good will.

Mr Goh did not give up but insisted on Telling Truth ,maintaining a spirit of SHAN  to tell us the Goodness of Falun Dafa.

Not long after , I had a trip to Korea and under the severe cold environment, my eyes swollen with pain that I couldn’t read book ,thinking that I might have suffered from presbyopia ,then I had a presbyopia glasses made. With this, I still had poor vision ,later Mr Goh brought me a book – “ ZHUAN FALUN “ telling me of a practitioner after reading the “ ZHUAN FALUN “ had the vision restored without the need of the reading glasses”. I was amazed and asked : really ?  At that moment I couldn’t believe it but I want to have a try . I completed reading the book in a short time period and after finished reading my eyes were tired  and I had a rest .A miracle happed the next day , without wearing glasses I can read the book clearly .Immediately I made a call to Mr Goh informing him of the good news ! This encouraged me to have more faith in Falun Dafa and I asked Mr Goh to teach me Gong Exercises . Mr Goh with good faith taught me and my family members the gong exercises. i diligently practicing gong 3 times a day, and after 3 days’ of practice  ,I had a body reaction .i had diarrhea 7 to 8 times that day  and had to run to the toilet .After 3 days of diarrhea ,I saw our benevolent Master in the next dimension taking out a black substance from my stomach .From that day onwards ,my appetite improved that I could eat hot stuff without having any stomach upset .Usually after taking hot stuff , I would have diarrhea  , blaming the cook or food unhygienic .but after practicing gong ,my problem disappeared , my health restored . I am fortunate to receive the Fa and thanking our benevolent Master.

Considering of helping and sharing this  Goodness to others , I set up Gong Practice on every Monday , Wednesday  and Friday for Group Practice , and for Group Fa Study on Tuesday , Thursday ,Saturday and Sunday .

We hold  the classes at nights to enable office workers ,retirees and others to join the cultivation practice .

My mother contracted epilepsy since she was young , every seizure will last about half an hour before recovery. Accompanied with abnormal sound , sometimes with vomiting  , urine leakage , etc .—- after my mom practiced Falun Gong , her epilepsy seizure  will last only within 5 minutes before recovery to normal condition .Even though this sickness has not fully recovered , as she has a low education level and may not be aware a deeper level  Fa , she is consistence in her cultivation , my mom’s complexion improved ,before she had a yellowish dull  facial complexion , now she has a good facial complexion that neighbors praised her that she looks younger! Thanks to Dafa Spreading and the miracles bestowed upon my mom .

Because of the wonders of Dafa ,whenever I have the opportunity, I would clarify the ” TRUTH”  to people irrespective of any social classes , I have many  Malay friends and whenever opportunity arises , I will distribute flyers to them , some of them are from the royal family , officers ,policemen ,Special Branch, teachers ,entrepreneurs also  come to learn Falun Gong, and after practice some had the feeling of heat on their palms, feeling of electric sensation and energy .

They also sympathize with the persecution in China , as they know the TRUTH. Sometimes I accompanied my wife to shopping mall , I shall bring along some flyers to distribute to those predestined people to share the beauty of Dafa , and also being self  benefitted . The suppression of Falun Gong in China , we as Disciples should stand up to clarify the Truth with righteousness , We should uphold the principles of Truthfulness , Compassion and Forbearance to be good people .


Lastly ,from Hong Yin 3  < SEARCHING > encouragement sharing with all fellow practitioners


I’ve traveled throughout the world   My restless heart is still searching—

Where is the origin of life?  Why do people seem to be acting in a play?   I want to find the true meaning of life    Human beings are by no means made for fame and fortune        As long as we retain kindness and conscience    The Divine will not forsake us

Thank you  Great benevolent Master. Thank you  fellow practitioners


Kindly point out any shortcomings for improvement .