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Master protect me in calamity, beliefs master and Fa miracle appear

Xiang Chengling


Greetings Master!

Greetings fellow practitioners!


I started my cultivation practice of Falun Dafa in 1998. In the course of my cultivation practice, the Master has taken care of me, unfolded many miracles before me and guided me to enlightenments. Whenever I fell into hopeless situation in life, Master used the great compassion and tolerance to save me from danger. In this solemn and sacred Fahui, I would like to say “Thank you Master!” from the bottom of my heart. Deep inside my life, every particle thanks Master for the boundless kindness.


Here, I would like to share with everyone my experience in overcoming my most recent tribulation.


In the evening of 21 September 2018, I suddenly shivered so much that I barely held the chopsticks and bowl during dinner. My parents saw my face turned pale and my lips became purple. They were worried. My mother touched me forehead and said, “It’s so hot! How can this be so hot?!” She asked for my conditions. I replied, “I’m fine.” After the dinner, my parents went to practitioner’s home for the Fa study as usual. I stayed at home listening to Master’s lectures. Suddenly, my stomach was uncomfortable, and then I vomited. After vomiting, I felt that I had no strength. However, I still insisted on listening to Master’s lectures. Later, I stopped trembling. Then, I vomited again. After vomiting, I still insisted on listening to Master’s lectures. At that time, my main consciousness was not that clear, but I somehow knew that: I shall insist on listening to Master’s lectures!


When my parents returned from the Fa study, they saw the mess on clothes, floor and all over the place. My mother asked, “Why didn’t you vomit in the washroom?” I replied, “I couldn’t make it. I was so weak. My legs were very painful and I couldn’t move.” My mother cleansed the floor and went to bed. I felt my legs became more painful; it’s so painful that I couldn’t sleep. The next morning, I noticed my left calf and left foot were swollen and the color became dark purple.


At that time, not only was my legs felt so painful and unbearable, but also were my stomach, esophagus and throat all felt so intolerably painful. I couldn’t swallow any food. The whole body felt like being in a furnace. Neither could I sleep nor eat. Every day, I could only drink a little bit of milk to support.


During the day, strengthened by the great benevolent Master, I was able to persist on practicing the exercises and listening to Master’s lectures. At night, I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. Again, with strengthening from the great benevolent Master, I managed to continuously send forth righteous thoughts. “The Fa (Fa) rectifies (zheng) the Cosmos (qian kun); the Evil (xie e) is completely (quan) eliminated (mie). The Fa (Fa) rectifies (zheng) Heaven (tian) and Earth (di); immediate (xian… xian) retribution (bao) in this lifetime (shi).” [Essentials for Further Advancement II] (The Two Hand Positions for Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts) I, originally a chubby person, began to lose weight drastically. This continued for about a week. My left calf and left foot were swelling to become so bloated and hard. The leg that had swollen to the limit started to have blisters. These blisters began to fester causing the wounds (ulcers) to drip with pus. There were three wounds that gradually became worse and deeper. The ulcers appeared to be irrecoverable and the pace these fester became faster and faster.


I couldn’t eat or sleep. The whole body felt like being burned in a furnace. The swollen leg was not only excruciatingly painful, but also intolerably “burning hot”. Aggravated by ulcers, I really felt unbearable. During this most difficult moment, there were increasingly more illusions and the old evil forces began to shake my firm belief in the Master and the Fa; causing a bad thought in my mind, “I’m going to lose my leg. At worst, let’s amputate it.” I clearly knew that this was a bad thought and I should not follow or continue. Instead, I should try to adjust myself to send forth righteous thoughts. This cycle repeats many times. Therefore, I repeatedly rectified myself. After more than 20 days of tough experience, under the care and strengthening of Master, my swollen leg started to subside and became less painful. Then, the leg felt itchy and the wounded areas with ulcers started to recover. After more than a month, the wounds and the swollen leg were fully recovered.


During the process of overcoming this tribulation, there was direction compassionately given by the Master. A practitioner shared her experience with me. Her broken ankle recovered through her steadfast determination and belief in the Master and the Fa as well as diligently practiced the sitting meditation exercise (the 5th exercise). This was a very good encouragement to me. I tried my best to practice the 5th exercise. Because of the swollen left leg, it was very difficult to first put the left foot onto the right thigh or knee area. In the beginning, I could only rest the left heel onto the right knee area. After the left swollen foot subsided, I managed to put the left foot onto the right thigh for the 5th exercise. Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!


Besides, there was also Master’s powerful strengthening in the process of overcoming this tribulation. One day, the left side of my head was so painful. Even turning my head to the left was difficult. I didn’t want to recognize this. Enduring the excruciating pain, I turned my neck to the left a few times and it’s recovered to normal. The left side of my head was no longer painful.


In addition, there was an element of looking inward. In the past, there was a practitioner who kept saying he’s afraid of wind. I was very uncomfortable with this and thought that I would not be afraid of any windy conditions. However, in the course of gradual recovery for my wounded leg, there were a few days when I was afraid of wind. When there was a little cool draft coming into the house, I closed both the windows and door. I also became afraid of wind. I then realized that I only focused on others and paid no attention to my own thoughts. Wasn’t this caused by me being attached to the attachment of other practitioners? I was really unworthy of Master’s compassionate care.


In this tribulation, only with the abundance of Master’s compassionate care, endurance and dedication could I overcome the tribulation. Thank you Master for saving me again!


Thank you Master!

Thank you fellow practitioners!