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Full of grace, compassion and be safe by master, tourist attraction safe people get into high realms again


Greetings Master!

Greetings Fellow Practitioners!


I started my cultivation practice in 1998. During the 20 years of cultivation, every time I faced danger in my life, the Master would always save me. Whether it is physical health or trivial matters of life, Dafa has shown me many miracles. Here, I will share with you the manifestation of Dafa and Master’s great compassion through the improvement of my xinxing and cultivation from the aspects of work, family and clarifying the truth at tourist attractions!


First, I practiced “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” at work. I worked equally hard even if the boss was not in the office. My colleagues made jokes of me. Some said, “Is this your family’s business? How much does the boss give you for your hard work?” Some said, “Is the business going to bankrupt if you don’t work?” Some said, “Are you crazy for working so fast?” When the boss was there, my colleagues worked very hard. After the boss left, they would do anything they wanted. Although they seemed to be relaxed, they were in fact very tensed. They were afraid of the boss finding out that they were not working. They always had to watch out. Although I worked hard and tired, I felt calm.


Whatever tasks given, I completed them without any complaint. The boss complimented on my work and personality. He always spoke highly about me, “He is the most trusted employee.” When the boss was away, he let me manage the money for purchasing and sometimes collection.


Second, I cherish the predestined relationship with my wife and child in cultivation. During this process, there were joys of xinxing improvement and also distresses of failing to do so.


I often lost my temper with small little things in life. For examples, my wife’s cooking was not delicious, she was not good at housework, etc. Through studying the Fa, I gradually rectify myself. I learned to tolerate and be more considerate with my wife. I thought, “She is not intentional for not doing well and I need to understand her.” I remember in Zhuan Falun that Master said, “The driver indeed drove the car too fast, but how could he possibly hit someone on purpose? Didn’t he do it unintentionally?” Therefore, when I managed to spare a little time, I would help her in cooking, washing and housework. I also supported her to do well in three things and improve in Fa cultivation. I have never blamed my wife for her unintentional mistakes in domestic issues. For the compassion and tolerance, the care and love towards my wife, those are the compassion through the Fa cultivation. Therefore, my wife always said that I’m diligent and kind.


Between me and my child, that’s another story. Outgoing in personality, my child is good in singing and dancing. Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) illegal persecution of Falun Gong, my wife had often been victimized and rarely at home. My child then lost her mother’s love. Especially when both my wife and I were illegally detained, it was traumatic at his young and tender age. This caused him to not grow physically, rarely speak, being nervous and worried, being overly cautious and slow. For those years when my wife was being persecuted, there were only my child and I left at home. I had to take on the role of a mother and do the housework. I had to work and be responsible for cooking, washing, etc at home. It’s really hectic. Because of the contrast in characters between me and my child, I often lost my temper. Later, with the guidance of Master, I understood that “Such abnormal condition of my child was the results of CCP persecution. How can I aggravate his suffering?” Understood clearly from the Fa principle, I had to be stricter with myself. In Zhuan Falun, Master said, “Someone says, “It’s really hard to be tolerant, and I’ve got a bad temper.” If your temper is not good, you should change, for a practitioner must be tolerant.” I always refer to this teaching to remind and restrain myself.


Now, our family of three can really share our understanding of Fa to upgrade and improve. Thank you Master for making the arrangement!


Third, in the process of clarifying the truth to save people at tourist attractions, it consists of Master’s compassionate encouragement and the factors for Dafa disciples to upgrade xinxing and improve cultivation practice.


When I started to clarify the truth at tourist attractions, I spent this time under the encouragement of the great compassionate Master.


The first time I held a truth clarifying placard in an afternoon, there were tour buses one after another fully loaded with tourists from the Mainland China coming towards us. Immediately after getting off the buses, they rushed towards us to learn the truth clarification messages on the displaying placards. The eagerness to understand the truth touched me and my heart cried out, “Thank you Master! So many people learned the truth in the free society in only one afternoon. When they return to China and spread to their relatives and friends the truth clarifying messages, there will be more people know the truth. This is Master’s mighty benevolence that more sentient beings can be saved this way!


Upon learning the truth clarifying messages on the placards, some pointed at the photos of Jiang Zemin and his criminal gang, “I knew about them. It’s not enough or wrong even if these criminals are dead 10 times. It’s also not enough or wrong even if their children and grandchildren are dead. Such truth messages, we cannot see these in the Mainland China.” Some said loudly to me, “Falun Gong is good! Falun Dafa is good!” They also took pictures with me. Even some tour guides came towards me and gave me thumbs up, “Thanks for your hard work!” The positive attitudes from the tourists and guides have greatly encouraged me. I understood that this is Master’s encouragement.


I have also encountered the Mainland China tourists who lived under the “red horror” and were scared by the evil party. They dared not look straight onto the truth clarification display boards, but squinted at the display boards and peeped on them. For those people, Master also compassionately gave them the best opportunities to learn the truth. After taking scenic photos and getting on the bus, they could look at the display boards through the windows.


In the process of saving people at tourist attractions, I also experienced some setbacks. There was once when a tourist looked at the display boards through the bus window, I was very happy and hoped that he could have a clearer view. I then walked towards him with the display board. Expectedly, he drew the curtain and stopped looking at the display boards. I was then feeling uncomfortable, “I’m holding the display board under the hot sun with just an intent to let you know the truth. You don’t have to do anything. Yet, you are so afraid.” Feeling sad and angry, I was resentful about this tourist. On the way home, I recalled this incident and felt really sad. Therefore, I started to look inside; although people have been threatened by the evil party, Master taught the Fa principle in Zhuan Falun, “The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and harmonizes everything.” I must have in my heart something incorrect to have caused the tourist to refuse looking at the truth clarification display board. I carefully recalled the whole process. It was because of my complacency that resulted in this incident. I didn’t correct myself in time and had even started to resent. That’s really shameful and I felt ashamed amidst Master’s compassionate salvation. As a Dafa disciple, how can I save people if I was so resentful when confronted with a setback? I was then determined that in the face of various reactions from tourists in future, I would look inside in time and try my best to rectify myself in the Fa. At the same time, I would plead for Master’s strengthening and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils that interfered the tourists from being saved in order to lead them breaking through the control of evil spirits and hence the removal of their fear. They can then understand the truth and be saved.


In fact, our great compassionate Master already incorporated the process of saving people in the factors to upgrade our xinxing and improve our cultivation practice.


As a working class person, I work on the weekdays (Monday to Friday) and can only go to clarify the truth at tourist attractions on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday). However, influenced by laziness, I thought, “During these two days of rest, there are more Dafa disciples going to tourist attractions than usual. It doesn’t matter whether I go.” I used such an incorrect mentality as an excuse and neglected the precious opportunities to save people; such opportunities were gained through Master’s enormous endurance. How could I be worthy of taking the title of the unprecedented Fa-rectification Dafa disciples? Recently, Master used the facts to eliminate the incorrect mentality that hindered me from saving people at tourist attractions. On a Saturday afternoon, there were 10 Dafa disciples who came one after another to the tourist attraction. This is the highest number of practitioners I’ve seen at the tourist attraction. With so many practitioner, the power of saving people was so great. Some practitioners held the display boards while some distributed materials and others clarify the truth to people. Dafa disciples coordinated with each other selflessly. The tourists were impressed by such a peaceful scene and many were surprise, “Falun Gong! So many Falun Gong practitioners!” Some used mobile phones to take photos. The efforts seeking for truth were really serious as if so afraid of missing out on any single truth clarification display board. Some used mobile phones for video recording. It was really touching to see the sentiments of all beings looking forward to being saved! They would be living media when they return to the Mainland China. Master used the great compassion and ingenious arrangement to bring blessings to the tourists and offer them the opportunities of salvation


In the process of saving people at the tourist attractions, one requires to constantly break away from the incorrect mentality and rectify the thoughts to the Fa. Only then can this manifest the compassion of Dafa and more sentient beings be saved. Only then can one be a worthy Fa rectification Dafa disciple and genuinely return home with Master.


Finally, let me quote Master’s teaching in 2018 NTD and Epoch Times Fa Conference “It’s often the case that those who work hard on their own cultivation get much better results with less effort. So we mustn’t neglect our own spiritual practice. It is first and foremost.”


Thank you Master!

Thank you fellow practitioners!


Xiang Daping