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~ Alan Sia ~


Greetings to Master!

Greetings to fellow practitioners!


The title of my experience sharing is – Believe in Fa and Master, Passing the Tests Well


I obtained the Fa in Shanghai, China in year 2018. Due to the severe prosecution of Dafa in China during that period of time, me and my wife borrowed Zhuan Falun from a relative in Singapore then we obtained the Fa through self-study at home. Followings are my experience sharing after obtaining the Fa:


  1. Zhuan Falun is a Divine Book


When I first finished reading Zhuan Falun, I was extremely shocked, because I had been reading many other religious books, other than advising sentient beings to be kind and generous, encouraging compassion, there is no other book able to explain the mystery of cultivation, human beings, life, universe in detail. Especially the switching of De and Karma that Master mentioned put me in awe at that time. Zhuan Falun had made it very clear to disciples to follow the Fa to cultivate to higher levels. This clear my doubts about cultivation instantly. This is a divine book that could really lead sentient beings to higher levels, you will be able to see the principles of Dafa of the universe in different levels if you read it without any notion. Even though I had never met Master at that time, but I could feel Master was taking care of me all the time. Quoting from Master’s Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia ,” In order to truly enable you to ascend through cultivation, I have utilized a method, namely, taking what I can give to you and what I can help you with, and compressing all of it into the book of Fa. The only thing left is to see if you want to obtain it. For this reason I tell everyone that when you can’t see me, you must take the Fa as the Master. Take the Fa as the Master.” Therefore, I said it is a divine book that bring us back to our origins, true self, we have to take Fa study seriously.


  1. Study the Fa Well, Do the Three Things Well

As I always feel that I obtained the Fa late, I tried my best to read all Master’s Books and Articles in the shortest time ever. What followed was how to do the disciples’ tasks well during the Fa Rectification period, do our best to fulfill our prehistoric vows before Fa Rectification happens. I didn’t know any other practitioners in China, it was hard to get to know them under the massive evil persecution, I could only download the truth-clarifying information from including printing truth-clarifying booklets and producing CDs. Normally after I got off work, other than practice the exercises and study the Fa at home, I would go to various areas to distribute the truth-clarifying materials, to enable more Chinese people to understand the truth, break the lies of CCP and call upon their conscience not to perform unforgivable sins towards Dafa, and not to miss the Universe Dafa that they have been waiting for million years.


  1. Neglected Sending Righteous Thoughts, Taken Advantage by Evil

As I always feel that time is very tight, me and my wife intensify the production of truth-clarification materials, other than sleeping time, my wife used all her time producing truth-clarifying materials during the day. I would go out at least 4-5 days a week to distribute the truth-clarifying materials outside after working hours. Sometimes I took the opportunity to distribute the truth-clarifying materials and CDs while I was on business trips, including Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Nanjing, Xi’an, ZhongQing, Wuhan etc. Thus there was a period I slightly neglected Fa study and sending forth righteous thought, taking sending forth righteous thoughts as a routine, did not take the real meaning of sending forth righteous thought seriously and could not achieve the result of destroying the evils thoroughly. One day in July 2009, I was captured on CCTV when I was distributing truth-clarifying materials in a basement at a shopping mall. I was arrested by more than 10 security guards. After that I was sent to the local police station by 2 police officers.


  1. Sending Forth Strong Righteous Thought, Protected by Master’s Spiritual Bodies

I have always been law-abiding, being arrested by the evil Party’s police for the first time, you could imagine my mood, it was hard not to be afraid. In the beginning I was thinking, “I’m done. Finished. I might not just affect my family, and also my work unit.” At that time, ordinary people’s thoughts, ordinary people’s gains and losses, attachments to fear and worry keep coming up in my mind. I tried my best to control myself and let go of ordinary people’s attachments, keep sending forth righteous thought continuously, I found out that I did not take Fa study seriously, falling into the trap of attachments to work and showing-off, the compassion thoughts of saving people in the beginning has gradually turned into quickly finishing distribution of truth-clarification materials on hand, distributing more and go home earlier. Hasn’t this become an ordinary person doing things of Dafa?


Quoting Master’s article, ”Some volunteers go long periods of time without reading or studying the Fa. How could they do Dafa work well? You have unwittingly incurred many losses that are hard to recover. Past lessons should have made you more mature. The only way to prevent the old, evil forces from taking advantage of the gaps in your mind is to make good use of your time to study the Fa.“ <Essentials for Further Advancement II, Towards Consummation>


As such, I was taken advantage by the evil, I realized it, but I was already being arrested. It would be too late to realise this, what do I do?


After arriving at police station, the officers in-charge arrived one by one, interrogating me, “where do you stay, where do you work? Anyone else participating in this? Where are the truth-clarifying materials from?……..” etc. Perhaps I was sending righteous thoughts continuously, my fear and worry subsided, while the thought of divine being gets stronger the thought of human being gets weaker naturally. I started to tell them the process of me obtaining the Fa, how I got better after obtaining the Fa, the beauty of Fa, the positive impact towards the morality of society, the evil persecution is against the law etc……. What they cared more was whether I was working with other practitioners, but I told the truth, there was only me and my wife practicing at home, we did not know any other practitioners.


After being interrogated for about 3 hours, it was already 10+ at night, I pleaded them to release me, these few officers discussed then agreed to let me go home, and asked me to bring them home. Reaching home, my wife had a hunch that I had a situation as she had been calling my cellphone but it had been turned off. These few officers were very gentle and rational, they did not mess up my house, only asking us to turn in all the Dafa materials, books, CDs, computers etc. for them to take away. The inspector asked me to keep my cellphone on, and will call me to assist investigation at the police station. The monitoring of Dafa disciples by the evil party is very strict. Everyone in the community’s management committee, property management committee, police station knew our family is Dafa disciples the following day. My movements were under surveillance. There was a night when me and my wife wanted to go out, the security guard said that they had received a notice prohibiting us to leave home.


At that night, my wife and I did not sleep, only sending forth righteous thoughts, what do we do next? The thought of divine beings and human beings keep coming up alternatively in my head. The thought of human being was whether it is worthy to clarify the truth this way? Was I being irresponsible for my family? What if I was arrested? Would I be sentenced? My children were still schooling, what about the future source of income? Was I putting myself and my family in trouble? Endless concerns churning up.



The thought of divine beings was, all will be arranged by Master. Now is about how to disapprove the interference of the old force, go through the hurdles with righteous thought. At that moment, I deeply understand that the mainland Chinese disciples are risking their lives to clarify the truth, it was not easy to save sentient beings, I knew the struggle of letting go of life and death. No wonder Master said, Dafa disciples are amazing!  Saving sentients being even during tribulations, building our own mighty virtue!  I could feel deeply that everything Master had suffered for Dafa disciples were beyond words.


Quoting from Master’s article, “in the several years of your cultivation, I have not only borne an incredibly great deal for you, but also, along with this, constantly given you hints for your improvement, looked after you for your safety, and settled the debts that you owed at different levels so that you can reach Consummation—these aren’t things that just anyone can do, and neither can they be done for everyday people.” <Essentials for Further Advancement II — Drive Out Interference>


In the following 2 weeks, I was asked to go to police station to assist investigation. Due to this experience, I had lowered my standard of yearning for comfortable and good life to the lowest level. I was thinking, as long as my family was safe, not being prosecuted, every other thing did not matter anymore. Actually Master’s spiritual bodies in another dimension can see my every thought very clearly. I was thinking, since I was already at this stage, I might as well go all out. Believe in Master and the Fa, I will leave my life and death to Master, totally deny the existence and arrangement of the old force. I did my best not to think about the consequences, I had done what a disciple had to do during Fa rectification period. Master said, ”Having heard the Dao in the morning, one can die in the evening.” With the presence of Master and Fa, what is there to be afraid of? As long as we are responsible to Master and sentient beings. I strengthened my determination and belief with righteous thoughts, only the greatest beings in the universe could assist Master in Fa rectification. This path could never be wrong, I have to go on with persistency.


Those 2 weeks were the longest, most suffered, most challenging in terms of my xinxing. It was miserable as I did not what would be result. Finally, after 2 weeks, one of the inspectors called me to go to the police station. At last, they asked me to leave China in 3 days.


I think Master has been protecting me that I could be free from being persecuted., able to leave China in one piece. Of course, looking from the level of ordinary people, these few inspectors have their divine sides too. They are also very helpless as they know Dafa disciples are good people, but they cannot disobey their superior’s order.  They can only work within their limits, so that they are able to report to their superiors. Hope they would be considerate and do the same to other disciples, as they are being used by the evil party, they are the true victims. I hope one day they could awake from this and be saved.


Quoting from Master’s Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference, “over all these long years that our Dafa disciples have been persecuted, our efforts to constantly expose the persecution and get the world’s people to see that what’s said are just incriminating lies and trumped up charges have been, in fact, to save the world’s people. That is because the ones who are truly being persecuted are not Dafa disciples, but the world’s people.”


After this incident, I realized, with righteous thought, believe in Fa and Master, no matter how dangerous the tribulations are, Master will arrange the best path for us.


  1. Believe in Fa and Master, Not asking for Gain and Loss

After coming back to Malaysia, the next question was, how to support my family without a job?

To get a similar job based on my experience and age was not easy, what do I do? I did not want to think about this problem, I study Fa, practice everyday, just go with the flow. Then, in about 2-3 weeks, the major shareholder of my company gave me a call. He first asked me why I wanted to learn Falun Gong, that I should know that it was prohibited in China. I roughly explained about the beauty of Dafa and the truth of persecution through the phone. Then he said, now you are jobless, come over to my company in Taiwan, work is easier there, more freedom, and practice is allowed there. Income is less of course. I was very grateful to this major shareholder and agreed to it instantly.


Looking back, wasn’t all these Master’s arrangement? Master said before, Master will take care of us from the moment we start cultivation, the whole life was to be rearranged. In fact, the path that Master arranged was very detail, the objective is to abolish all our attachments to fame, gains, various personal feelings and desires which would be reflected in ordinary people’s life and work, let us recognize them, face them, realising through Fa principles or learning from mistakes, step by step, eventually remove them completely. Dafa’s cultivation aims squarely at your attachments, pointing straight to the heart, therefore could achieve consummation in this life.


Quoting Master’s article: Our practice aims squarely at your attachments. What’s key is to try to worry little about your own self-interest and the disputes that might arise with other people………. Ultimately our efforts only “cost” us something we don’t want anyway: karma. It’s something that goes hand in hand with attachments. <Zhuan Falun, Costs and Rewards>


  1. The Experience in Taiwan

It was arranged by Master that I arrived in Taiwan in October 2009. I contacted Dafa Association the next day. I also found out where was the practice site and group Fa study site. Very soon I emerged into Taiwan’s group activities. Following this, about November 2009, I started to distribute truth-clarification materials at tourist spots, clarifying truth to mainland Chinese tourists. Studying Fa in Taiwan was improved in terms of quantity and quality. Within a very short time, I started from distributing truth clarification materials in the beginning to holding up the banners, clarifying the truth face to face, persuading them to quit the CCP. Normally I would go to 101 to clarify the truth on Monday to Friday after work, and spent the weekends in truth clarification at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.


  1. Once Righteous Thought is Out, Master will Strengthen It

Next, I would like to share some miraculous stories in Taiwan. Master said nothing is accidental. One day, I was thinking, if the cost of flash drive could be cheaper, by storing the truth-clarification information in it, the mainland Chinese tourist could bring them back more conveniently. This will be great. As a lot of mainland Chinese tourist dare not take the materials at tourist spots, some even scare to look at the banners, it would be safer for them with the flash drive. With this thought, after a few days, the bank of my credit card informed me about the points I have collected which could be used to redeem various gifts. One of the gifts was exactly what I wanted, a 2G flash drive. So I used up all the points I have collected all these years to redeem quite a number of flash drives, make copies of truth information and software to break through internet blockade to give away to the mainland Chinese tourists. I gave to them when I saw that they truly wanted to understand the truth, one of them even want to pay me the cost of it, I said no need, you just need to bring back to distribute among your relatives and friends. I think this was also arranged by Master.


There was once my wife felt that there were not any good banners in Malaysia for truth clarification, she asked me whether I could bring a few banners back to Malaysia. I agreed instantly. The next day, a practitioner at the tourist spot brought a few banners saying that they no longer use these banners as the size was done incorrectly. I took them and asked them to give to me, paid her the cost of making those banners and brought home. I was wondering how to bring all these back to Malaysia as my luggage might not be able to fit. It was out of my expectations that the size of my luggage was just nice to fit all the banners, I believe this was arranged by Master too.


Another time, when I was giving an anonymous name to a Chinese tourist who was quitting CCP, this 40+ years old lady keep looking at me. I was wondering why she just looked at me without saying anything, then she asked me how I know her real name, Jin Mei, as the name I gave her was exactly her real name. I was wondering why too. These were the few examples that I could remember better.


  1. From Taiwan back to Malaysia

In June this year, my career in Taiwan was ended due to company restructuring by Taiwanese Investors. I came back to Malaysia in end of June to start my own career. Ordinary people’s job is just to make a living, I am fine as long as it is self-sufficient. Currently, I have 2 wishes in terms of validating Fa activities. One of them is to set up a truth clarification spot in Kuala Lumpur. Strangely, Master must be helping me discreetly. When practitioners in Taipei were making a new set of banners/buntings for truth-clarification at Taipei Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, they asked me for my opinion, after some amendments I asked the practitioner to make another set for me to bring back to Malaysia. When I came back to Kuala Lumpur in June, I packed them together with my personal belongings to ship back to Kuala Lumpur. The truth-clarification spot at Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur was officially set up on July 12 this year. As the banner was the standee type, they attracted a lot of locals as well as foreigners, some of them took pictures with their cellphone, they can also witness Dafa spread around the world. At the moment, this tourist spot is supported by me and another practitioner, Adeline. Hope there will be more practitioners coming out to do this. If 2 practitioners could set up a truth clarification spot, I believe, as long as we don’t mind some hardship, there will be more truth clarification spots all around Malaysia. Out truth clarification target is not just the mainland Chinese, but there are also many predestined Malaysians who are waiting for Dafa disciples to save.


Another wish of mine is that Shen Yun could be performed in Malaysia as soon as possible. Currently there is no Shen Yun performance in Southeast Asia, I believe Master will strengthen us to break through this soonest possible. I hope everyone here would send forth righteous thought frequently, to enable Shen Yun to perform in Malaysia to save more sentient beings.


  1. Holding on to Faith , Do the Three Things Well

I think Dafa disciples should let go of human attachments, because the more you could let go, the more you could move up, the obstacles in your cultivation will be reduced more, as the level of your energy will rise in proportion to your character. There will be tribulations in cultivation, sometimes you could pass well, sometimes not so well. Take me for example, a lot of times I didn’t do well, but no matter I did well or not, as long as we could recognize our shortcomings, discipline ourselves strictly to do well the next time, Master said this is a reflection of a state of the cultivation process. However, our trust towards Dafa and Master could not be shaken under any circumstances, because once it is shaken, the old force will be taking advantages, coupled with study Fa seriously without letting the mind go wandering, I think this last phase will be going well and steady.


Fellow practitioners, Master said, The Fa’s rectification of the cosmos is sure to succeed. The sentient beings of the universe are all here for the Fa, exist for the Fa, it is just that the myth cannot be unfolded yet, the truth is not out yet. Therefore, Master reminded us again and again, there will be opportunities as long as the time is still running. We have to save more sentient beings, complete our prehistoric vows. We must cherish the opportunity that all beings in the universe have been waiting for millions of years, not to lose it!


Lastly, I wish all disciples could do all they can to do well in the Three Things under the blessings of Master, assist Master in Fa Rectification, complete our prehistoric vows.


This is the end of my sharing. Please correct me kindly should there be any inadequacy. Thank you Master! Thank you everyone!