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Awakening                     Julie  T Lowe丁佳麗


Greetings to Master,

Greetings to fellow practitioners


I am very fortunate to have received Fa after the news report on 25 April, 1999. Nineteen years later, I’ve lived in New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia. Thanks to Master’s teaching method. No matter where I move to, there are always groups to study with, group exercises and group activities available for me to participate and to carry on with my cultivation journey.  Ever since the persecution started until today,  my cultivation path was not easy and even was very critical at some points of time.  I wouldn’t make it here today without the care of our benovalance Master.  Thank you Master.


Seven years ago, I had passed a serious tribulation regarding on illness karma.  Then it reappeared two years later. I finally realised that the fundamental of the problem was I did not study Fa enough and my attachment to coziness. I have been asking myself recently, “Why am I slacking again? Why do I only take my cultivation seriously after a tribulation occurs?”   Suddenly, I realised that as long as interference can hinder one’s cultivation and sway one’s righteous thoughts, and also can stir up one’s three duties……basically make a cultivator unable to comply one’s vows and duties as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.  This can cost many lives lost during the process?  So, cultivation is a serious matter. It could all start with something as small as a chitchat with friends and families.  Or take on current news affairs, and the like.  It will accumulate bit by bit until lots of time are lost and our righteous thoughts are dissapeared. So, this is how the old forces sneak in. This will make me cooperating with old forces to ruin myself.  This thought really shocked me.


One day, I heard a middle aged practitioner suddenly passed away.  I asked myself, what if I am next?  What would I feel?  Regretful.  I think I will feel regret of not fulfilling my vows.  One day I got some visitors from overseas, so I took them to a nearby market place.  I remembered my first visit  to this market nine years ago.  I knew this could be a nice place to promote Falun Dafa. Nine years ago, I used to be there to collect some petitions. Master’s article in Hong Yin said “Sentient being should quickly find the truth” . So, how are they going to find the truth if dafa disciples do not go out to clarify the truth? Then of all sudden, I told my visitors to wait for me.  I quickly talk to the organiser of the market. I booked a stall on a great location for truth clarification the following week.  Now one year has passed.  A few practitioners who live nearby will set up the stall together every week. Throughout the year, lots of neighbouring stalls are becoming our good friends.  One day, there was a vendor, who was the fan of NTDTV, suggested that we set up a TV and play the ShiTao’s show.   I knew it was the time to make a break through.   I remembered not long ago, a fellow practitioner also advised us to do so but I had ignored it.  This time, perhaps, even ordinary people can’t wait to be saved.  So I quickly manage to get everything up the following week.  Now we play truth clarification video on the site for the whole day.


Last but not the least, according to Master’s  Fa Teaching Given at the 2016 New York Fa Conference “As Dafa disciples you must realize how enormous your responsiblility is.  It’s not to be taken lightly.  This affair has progressed to the end and I am extremely anxious, yet you’re not taking it seriously.  In the end it will be too late for tears! Everything in this world was designed as such with a purpose, and it is designed to lead to attachments; there are so many things that try to keep you from being saved.  And yet you are forgetting that you’re a cultivator, and are just going along with it?! You are the hope of a multitude of beings—the hope of your domain’s lives!”  And also in the last sentence of another Master’s Lecture: To the 2018 Asia Fa Conference “You are the hope of all lives, and you are the future!”


Fellow practitioners, let us walk together, with more steadfast on this final mile.  Let’s remind each other and encourage each other on how to do better and improve ourselves? How we can seriously allign ourselves as the Fa rectification period Dafa disciple?

Please kindly point out the areas that I need to improve on.


Thank you, Revered Master.

Thank you, fellow practitioners.