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What is true cultivation – Loke Chee Kean


Greetings!  Respectable Master and fellow practitioners.

My name is Loke Chee Kean. I am a school teacher, from Kuala Kangsar, Perak and obtained the Fa in year 2000. I would like to share my cultivation experience in the past sixteen years.


  1. Becoming aware of my fundamental attachment


After reading <Zhuan Falun> for the first time, I discovered that this book could help me to understand many life principles, thus enabling me to be free of worries in everyday life. Put differently, I wished to lead a comfortable human life. This is an impure thought as I hoped to make use of Dafa to lead a comfortable and carefree human life. This is also a selfish thought.

Through a deeper Fa study, I gradually realised what true cultivation is. One day, while reading Master’s scripture <Towards Consummation>, I was struck by the first few sentences. Master said, “Studying the Fa with attachments is not true cultivation. Yet during the course of cultivation a person may gradually become aware of his fundamental attachments, rid himself of them, and thus meet the standard for a cultivator.” <Essentials for Further Advancement II> It dawned on me that making use of Dafa for a comfortable human life is a fundamental attachment. I did not truly intend to upgrade myself, get rid of attachments and return to my true self. Despite the fact that I studied the Fa, practised the exercises and did work on the Fa-rectification regularly, but at the same time an impure thought was hidden deep in my heart. Upon understanding the Fa principle, I started to realise the true meaning and seriousness of cultivation. I have also learned to be strict with myself and to pay attention to each and every thought. I also remind myself at all times that cultivation is to return to one’s true self but not to lead a carefree life.


  1. Old forces taking advantage of the loophole as a result of not getting rid of the fundamental attachment and the impure thought.


I did not treat my cultivation seriously as I regarded cultivation as just a way to lead a better life. This state of mind had lasted for a long period of time. Consequently, the old forces took advantage of the loophole.

My parents are fellow practitioners. We practised the exercises together every day and joined the group Fa study once a week. My mother went to the practice site with me every Saturday. Sometimes three of us went out to clarify the truth. Nevertheless, my parents did not study the Fa diligently. My mother did not have a deep understanding of the Fa whereas my father did not have a firm belief in the Fa. As for me, I was preoccupied with my Master’s degree studies for a long time. Thus, I had slacked off in Fa study and cultivation.

One day, my mother suddenly came down with stroke. But with Master’s mercy, she was spared from paralysis. Her hands and legs became weak and less agile. This sudden change caught me completely off guard. We tried to seek a range of treatments like osteopathy, foot massage, acupuncture and physiotheraphy. My life became more hectic and exhausting. After school, I needed to send my mother for treatments two or three times a week. These weekly trips went on for more than a year during which my mother was admitted into hospital several times. My father and I took turns to care for my mother during hospital admission which normally lasted for at least a week. That period of time left me physically and emotionally drained. However, my mother’s condition did not improve much but took a turn for the worse. She was finally confined to a wheelchair.

Due to the hectic life and tight schedule, I did not have much time to study the Fa or practise the exercises. I also could not concentrate when studying the Fa. Besides, I started blaming my mother for affecting my cultivation and spoiling a previously pleasant cultivation environment. Sometimes I behaved badly toward her. Meanwhile, my father gradually lost his faith in the Fa and stopped practising the exercises. He also seldom studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. I was upset and worried. I tried to talk to him several times, hoping to open his heart but to no avail. He kept asking me why Master never helped my mother.

Thus, I am the only one left in the family who continues with cultivation. I told myself that I must hold on. I must not give up my cultivation. I looked inward and came to a conclusion: all three of us have omissions of which the old forces took advantage. My father had always been doubtful about the Fa. As a result, the old forces used this as an excuse to test his faith in Master and the Fa and to see if he would continue with his cultivation when my mother did not recover. As for my mother, she had not been very diligent in studying the Fa all this while, thus not meeting the standards of a cultivator. Consequently, the old forces made use of her to test my father and myself, hoping to drag us down and make us give up our cultivation. As for me, my fundamental attachment was the loophole of which the old forces took advantage. Now my life was no longer comfortable and the cultivation environment had become unpleasant. Under such circumstances, the old forces would like to see if I would continue with my cultivation. In <Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference>, Master said, “Each instance of human thinking during a test, each instance of inadequate righteous thoughts, and each attachment that a cultivator has will be seized upon by them as an excuse to drag you down and take you out from among the ranks of cultivating Dafa disciples.”

During that period of time, several fellow practitioners shared their understanding based on the Fa and encouraged me to persist. A China practitioner suggested that we increased the frequency of group Fa study. I agreed. Since then, we have group Fa study three times a week. After some time, my home cultivation environment started to improve. Even though my mother’ condition does not show much improvement, but it has become more stable. My father still refuses to practise the exercises but he joins the group Fa study and starts sending forth righteous thoughts. Besides, I start to take sending forth righteous thoughts more seriously. I also spend more time to clear up the field of my own dimensions. I also try to eliminate and reject all the interference and persecution imposed by the old forces. After some time, I discovered that my state of cultivation and the environment have improved. I can also do the three things well. It is just like what Master has said ‘“After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!”<Zhuan Falun> 

This tribulation has made me truly understand Master’s Fa principles, namely ‘completely reject the old forces’ arrangements’ and ‘Everything is decided by Fa-rectification period disciples themselves’. Though I have not completely got rid of my fundamental attachment, but I have become aware of it and I will definitely do better in future. Hence, the old forces have no right to interfere. By making use of my mother’s condition, the old forces wish to see that I would have less time to study the Fa, practise the exercises and do truth clarification. I would definitely not acknowledge such persecution. I will continue doing the three things well. During my mother’s hospital admission, I carried on with sending forth righteous thoughts, studying the Fa and practising the exercises. I also spread the Fa to the patients and clarified the truth to doctors and nurses. Besides, I have hired an Indonesian maid to take care of my mother so that I would have peace of mind while doing truth clarification. I know that I have to take actions to completely reject the arrangements and persecution of the old forces. I must eliminate all the interference with a cultivator’s righteous thoughts and actions. I hereby would like to take the opportunity to thank all the fellow practitioners that have given me a hand during the course of this tribulation. Thank you!


  1. Some thoughts and sharing about truth clarification


Dafa disciples need to do the three things well. One of them is truth clarification. To be able to walk out to the public and clarify the truth, we need to understand what is meant by Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. In the scripture <Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples>, Master said, “If you are still unclear about what a Fa-rectification disciple is, you won’t be able to step forward in the current tribulation, and you will be led by the human world’s pursuit of comfort to “enlighten” along an evil path.”<Essentials for Further Advancement II> As Fa-rectification period disciples, the goal of our cultivation is not personal liberation, but to save sentient beings. If we hold on to the concept of personal cultivation, we will be pursuing a comfortable life. We will not be willing to clarify the truth under the hot sun or in heavy rains. We will choose a life free of exhaustion and pain. Actually, this is a selfish thought. We only care about leading a good life but not willing to sacrifice for the sentient beings awaiting our salvation. Being selfish is the characteristic of the old universe whereas the new universe is characterised by selflessness. Aren’t we walking the path arranged by the old forces if we only care about our comfort? Moreover, in his scripture <A Suggestion>, Master said, “These people who only want to take from Dafa and not give for Dafa are, in the eyes of Gods, the worst beings.”<Essentials for Further Advancement II>

In the past sixteen years of my cultivation, I have been quite consistent in doing truth clarification. This is mainly due to studying the Fa diligently as well as the constant encouragement and selfless experience sharing of a couple fellow practitioners. However, sometimes I do slack off in the pursuit of comfort which can grow stronger over time. Under such circumstances, I would be more diligent in studying the Fa as well as Teacher’s Fa lectures. I would also send forth righteous thoughts more frequently. Then, I would go out and clarify the truth with stronger righteous thoughts. Now I would like to share with you some experience in truth clarification.

  • People understand the truth better now

At the end of last year, I joined a couple fellow practitioners in a nationwide trip to do truth clarification and petition against Jiang Zemin. This journey is a new experience and a breakthrough for me. This is because we did truth clarification and petition in Malacca and Johor for ten days in a row. We went from one town to the other non-stop. This journey had really put my righteous thoughts and stamina to the test. Luckily I managed to pull through but not without much hard work. The couple practitioners and I would send forth righteous thoughts and practise the exercises before setting out each morning. After breakfast, we would start doing the Fa-rectification work until around 4p.m. in the evening. After returning to the hotel, we would send forth righteous thoughts and practise the exercises. We would then study the Fa after coming back from dinner. This routine went on without fails during the ten day journey. Now, I have truly understood Master’s teaching that a cultivator must cultivate well so as to do the Fa-rectification work well. The Fa-rectification work must be done by Dafa disciples but not everyday people.

The ten day journey has proven to be a testimony to what Master said in his Fa lectures. I personally witnessed that people’s attitude has really changed. Most of them were willing to listen to the truth quietly and to sign the petition upon understanding the truth. Some would offer me food or drinks. Some even wanted to give a small donation. Of course, there were still those who refused to listen or rejected flyers but only a handful of them. I also seldom came across those fierce ones. Just as what Master has said, there is not much evil left in other dimensions now. People have started to awaken.

  • Getting rid of attachments and cultivating compassion through truth clarification

I always feel more compassionate after doing truth clarification. I will deal with things and treat other people more kindly. This feeling will fade away if I do not do truth clarification for some time. My state of mind will not be good as before. It dawned on me that we need to cultivate compassion in practice but not solely through Fa study. I feel that Master asks us to clarify the truth for a reason. He wants us to assimilate to the selfless nature of the new universe and thus be free from the selfishness of the old universe. Besides, every time when people understand the truth, I will feel happy for their salvation. Some of them have got acquainted with me, especially those places where I distribute flyers frequently. They will greet me upon seeing me. This always gives me a warm feeling.

Of course, doing truth clarification is also a process of getting rid of attachments. For example, fear will emerge occasionally when I come into contact with people who look fierce or stern. But I won’t have this feeling when my righteous thoughts are strong. Besides, clarifying the truth also gives me a chance to get rid of fame and emotion. Few weeks ago, I started to distribute flyers from house to house at my hometown Kuala Kangsar Perak. In the process of doing so, I discovered that I have an unrighteous thought. As I am a school teacher, I found myself still quite self-conscious about what other people might say about me going around distributing flyers. I tried to eliminate this thought whenever it came to my mind. When I came across acquaintances or students, I would greet them and give them flyers in an upright and dignified manner. Nevertheless, this unrighteous thought would still appear from time to time.

Finally, I hope that fellow practitioners can do the three things well and truly understand what is meant by Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. Break through the hindrance. Go out and clarify the truth. Save more sentient beings and walk toward consummation.

Appreciate your kind comments. Thank you.