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Truth-telling and petition signing group in Sarawak

Greetings, Reverence Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

My name is Helen; I’m from Petaling Jaya. Validating the Fa has reached the last stage, and benevolent Master has repeatedly provided us opportunities to cultivate ourselves better. We are all aware of the importance of the Fa-rectification and truth-telling. Therefore, seven of us practitioners have formed a group to fly over to East Malaysia for clarifying the truth. Before that, all heavy materials were shipped to a practitioner’s house by sea freight in Kuching.

Here are my 4-day personal experiences in Kuching: Due to the well-planned work of our responsible coordinator – Chow, we have a very smooth journey. This enables us to spread the goodness of Dafa to Sarawak. Everyone has come out and is determined to do well. This has set a good example, and we saw practitioners who have never come out to clarify the truth have taken the first step to participate as well.

Though we studied Fa until mid-night, to save time, we insisted on waking up at 4 am daily to practice the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts. I realised that to assist Master in Fa-rectification, one must do the three things right.


Neither heaven nor earth can

block my road of Fa-rectification

But disciples’ human hearts can

We told others about the Fa, clarified the truth, and encouraged signing petition in the park early morning. That was also Kuching’s practice site. After displaying our truth-clarifying panel and materials, two practitioners were assigned to take responsibility for telling the truth, and the rest practice the exercises together.

We were divided into three areas – old town, new city and market to clarify the truth, from morning till evening. When we first reached the streets of Kuching, a practitioner suggested to go in a pair so that we could handle those who speak English and Bahasa; the other reason was so we could take care of each other in that unfamiliar place. However, some of us got lost and were unable to reach the original assembly point, and some too devoted to clarify the truth and forgot about the time.


Though I was clear-headed, it’s quite true that the streets and shops were like a maze, I got lost for a bit, and I realised that it’s a test, but very quickly I have met with other practitioners and gotten back to the assembly point and headed to another neighbourhood.

During the truth-clarifying process, before I enter any shop, I observed and gauged so that I did not disturb the shop owners or employees serving their customers. I waited patiently for them to complete their transactions before approaching them politely. Very often, they would sign the petition after my truthful clarification.

When I was in a restaurant, I clarified the truth to people who have not and have completed their meals, not disturbing those who were enjoying their meals. Of course, every practitioner has different encounters. Those who have fate with us were friendly, and there are those unkind ones who did not accept our materials and chase us out. I reminded myself with Master’s Fa: “When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” (Zhuan Falun)

Because we have Fa in us, practitioners were well aligned, work with respect and care among us thus, eliminating conflicts. The power of righteousness could cast out all unrighteous elements.

After a four-day trip in Kuching, we took two pre-rented cars to Sri Aman; we stopped by each small town to distribute materials and clarified the truth. It was a hot day, I stopped at a coffee shop wanted to get a drink, as I was sitting down, a well-mannered Malay lady was standing in front of me. She asked if I wanted her to sign the petition. I was surprised and asked how she got to know that. She replied having seen me earlier asking for signatures. I immediately clarified the truth to her. She told me that she is a university student and has learnt about force organ harvesting from the Internet, she signed the petition immediately. I then realised that a lot of sentient beings are waiting to be saved.

Due to not able to pre-book a hotel earlier, and in conjunction with a local festival, all hotels were fully booked. However, we managed to get two rooms eventually. A local practitioner received us in the morning for exercises; he informed us about local situations as well. After truth clarification on that day, we went back to the hotel and clarified the truth to the lady boss of the hotel. She smiled and told us that she knew the eight of us stayed in those two rooms last night. Finally, she and her sister signed the petition. We heard weird noise while studying Fa on that night. During our forth righteous thoughts sending session, we could hear a very loud bang. As we have faith in Master and the Fa, all evil elements could have possibly been eliminated during the session.


Crossing mountains after mountains, we have reached Sibu, late. Our pre-booked homestay was located on the third floor without an elevator. Having walked the whole day, though tired, we had to lift our heavy luggage to the third floor without complaint as this is cultivation, to remove all kinds of attachments. While having dinner, we bumped into the friendly boss and clarified the truth to him. As he understood, he promised to bring us to the local practice site the next morning. There came another test after dinner; we had to share one toilet among eight of us. When it was my turn, I had missed the Fa study session and had to replace studying Fa only on the next day. The next day, as we clarify the truth, we reminded each other to spread the news of free teaching of exercise to everyone we speak. We had four new students came to learn the exercise the day after.

Next, we arrived at Bintulu; we feel very light as we walk because we have handled well. Other than going to and fro on streets and alleys, we clarified the truth to pedestrians too. There was an aunty whom after listening to our truth clarification, she signed the petition and then held my arm, she told me that it was hard work for me and I had become dark due to sunburn, and tears were about to roll down. I took it as an encouragement and controlled my Xinxing; I told her that I am cultivating in ordinary society, it’s alright to take in hardship. Aside from truth clarification, wherever we were, we would visit a local practice site.

The last stop was Miri; it was the same as previous states, we rose early and retired late in the evening. The last three days, we ought to distribute whatever remaining materials. Even during breakfast, we clarified the truth as well. I have met a Malay man who came from Subang and worked at Petronas Miri; he asked for more materials to be shared with his Chinese colleagues and friends after signing the petition. I couldn’t thank him enough. As we start our exercises at this new practice site, there were pre-destined people walked in to learn with us. I realised that we should open more practice site. Then, we arrived at a market with many kind hawkers who have told us the best time to catch more people to sign the petition was 6 am early morning; they have all signed the petition. Then, came a senior man who hailed from China who was furious as he asked why we bad mouth China. I wasn’t afraid and clarified the truth in a slow and serious pace. As he finally understood, he asked all his friends to sign the petition. If we have clarified the truth well, often the owners of businesses would get their employees to sign too.

In unfamiliar places, we should also pay attention to our safety. There was once; I clarify the truth to a passer-by, he asked if what we say was truthful and he immediately offered to take us to see his friends. I then realised that this could pose a danger so I rejected his offer politely by telling him we couldn’t go with him without our driver.

With the effort of everyone, we distributed all materials. If we lay down the human notions, we could verify the Fa well.

During these ten days, I have learnt the benefits of teamwork; we could do even better if we study the Fa constantly. We exchanged personal experiences gained during clarifying Fa daily, so that we could eliminate all kinds of attachments and improve together. A day a lecture, we completed nine lectures in nine days and had collected ninety-seven pieces of signed signatures.

Finally, we returned the two rented cars at the airport. A thousand miles away, we flew back to West Malaysia amidst laughter. On the way back to Kuala Lumpur, I realised that there are still many sentient beings waiting for us. Our Truth clarifying group must perform better and continue to go more places. So long as we have the wish, Fa will bless it. Our next destination will be Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. After spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth, the music of Pudu was lingering in my mind. Walking a thousand miles, step by step, may the holy shine of Falun Dafa spread over heaven and earth.





Finally, I am dedicating this verse – Salvation Again from Hong Yin:


Salvation Again

Unceasingly turns the Law Wheel, saving sentient beings,
Learn the Fa, gain the Fa, cultivate your xinxing;
For in the Age of Fa’s End the Wheel turns again,
Illuminating with Fa, the hearts of the predestined.


Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners.