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Strive Forward Vigorously, Appreciate Master’s Support



I’m Mdm. Tee from Ampang. In the early morning of 1st May 1996, we visited Beijing Shen Yang Bei Ling Park. We saw many men and women, old and young doing meditation with double-leg crossing. The atmosphere was very sacred and respectful. We had been in Taoism for nearly ten years and yet we still could not double cross our legs. So we stepped forward politely and found out that it is Falun Dafa. We then asked the coordinator about the requirements to learn the exercises.  Unexpectedly, it is all free! There is indeed Buddha coming to this world. We felt so grateful for it. Two weeks later, the coordinator gave us a copy of <Zhuan Falun>. Before leaving, my husband donated RM 500 to purchase <Zhuan Falun> for poor farmers and another RM 500 to book tickets for Fa Conference. Then, we headed back to Malaysia.


After three months of practising 5 sets of exercises, our bodies started to improve. One morning, a postman asked us to collect a parcel at the post office. It turned out that the Beijing Research Centre had sent us 40 over copies of <Zhuan Falun>. It dawned on my husband that it was time to go out to spread the Fa. Knowing the importance of practising only one cultivation way, he decided to part with Taoism, letting go of his position, fame and money. We then went to Cameron Highland to spread the Fa.


At the beginning it was difficult. We needed to face new environment and strangers. We promoted Falun Gong free exercises at the morning market every day. People there laughed at us. They wondered why city folks like us came all the way to the mountains. To them, it must be for money as there is no free lunch in this world. They were skeptical about the sources of our income and believed that we were tricksters. All the villagers were sarcastic and cynical about us. We stayed unruffled. We went on practising the exercises at the park every day. With no discontentment or hatred, we took hardships as joy. Weeks passed and we were running out of cash. One afternoon, an old man came to find out why we were here. We told him that we brought Buddha Fa to their doorstep but no one appreciated it. So, we decided to leave tomorrow. The old man hurriedly stopped us and brought us to stay in the temple. Since then we started to spread the Fa in the temple every day. The old man turned out to be a Tai Chi master. People there started to believe that we were not tricksters. Soon, the news spread and the villagers came to learn the exercises. Some villagers even requested us to teach the exercises at other towns. We set up two practice sites. Once we met a fake qi gong master. He forced us to join his association and pay him monthly fees. We refused. We explained to him that Buddha Fa does not collect money from people. He seemed to understand. He later brought his friends and relatives to our practice site. Later, another group of villagers requested us to set up a practice site at a village. More and more people practised the exercises. Everyone said that ‘Falun Gong is Good’.


In August 1998, we attended the Singapore Fa Conference with other 18 practitioners. Master came to the Fa Conference which was solemn and sacred. Master personally returned RM500 to my husband. Master refused to accept the money that we paid for the Beijing nine-day classes two years ago. Master just wishes to see us cultivate.


On 20 July 1999, the Chinese Communist Party started its persecution on Falun Gong. As a result, many new practitioners did not dare to practise the exercises due to the rumours spread on television and in newspaper. The number of practitioners started to decline. We hurriedly returned to Malaysia and set up more practice sites to save sentient beings. People started coming to obtain the Fa. Some left after some time. We were busy managing around eight practice sites during that time.


Five years had passed. My husband was in the midst of eliminating his physical sickness-karma. He refused to meet his friends and relatives. We have strong faith in Master and the Fa. We dare to fight with the old forces. We are not afraid of death. Cultivators must pay off their debts through physical suffering. We are Dafa disciples. Everything is decided by our Master. One day, we meditated in our living room. Upon completing the meditation, he said that we both were poor since young. Due to hard work, we managed to build our bungalow from scratch. It has a beautiful view, overlooking green mountains. There are eight bedrooms and six bathrooms upstairs. We also put up Master’s photo upstairs. He decided to leave this bungalow for local and overseas practitioners where they can study the Fa, practise the exercises and share their experiences.



On 5th June 2008 (Lunar calendar) my husband passed away during meditation. At the moment I was very calm, devoid of affection for family.  I managed to take life and death lightly. Instead, I was worried that other practitioners might be affected. I immediately went to comfort and encourage them. It happened that many practitioners practised the exercises with him on that fateful morning. My husband’s death showed them that a cultivator’s death means that a shell has come off. I wondered why my heart could be so calm. I think this is what would happen when qing is replaced with compassion.


After clarifying the truth at Dataran Merdeka for some times, I was told that there was an urgent need to do a petition against forced live organ harvesting. I immediately took actions. I went out every day and I was used to doing things alone. Malaysia is made up of three races. When we are doing petition work, we must be sincere so that people will feel it and be saved. If we slack off or are insincere, people will not show support. Hence, we must be strict with ourselves. I was faced with many tests during petition work. I was sometimes bullied, scolded or intimated by bad guys. I also faced interference from police officers, checking my identity or disallowing me to do petition work. I did not care at all in my heart as doing petition work is something noble and sacred. After working so hard, I managed to collect around eight thousand signatures from the three races.


Dataran Merdeka is the main tourist attraction in Malaysia and an important place to clarify the truth. Many tourists come to this place every day. We clarify the truth to people from all walks of life. Kind-hearted people are willing to listen to the truth and do the three withdrawals. On the other hand, there are also people who refuse to listen. Rain or shine, I will always try to save kind-hearted souls amidst the complicated group of people.


One day a practitioner told me that a lot of tourists would be having Bak Kut Teh in the town in the afternoon. So I immediately went there. Indeed a lot of tourists started coming in the afternoon. I happily distributed the flyers and clarified the truth.  A durian stall hawker angrily scolded me and stopped me from distributing the newspaper. I didn’t bother him but continued to clarify the truth. He then poured some water on me. I ignored him. Suddenly he poured a bucket of water on me, drenching all the newspaper in my bag. He then started cursing and spitting at me. I quickly laid all the newspaper on the road, trying to dry them under the hot sun. Though I was drenched to the skin, I kept laying the newspaper on the road. Despite being scolded, I kept quiet. Seeing all these, the tourists started to show me support. They came to get the newspaper that had dried under the sun. The hawker’s wife threw away some partially wet newspaper and spat at me. Keeping quiet, I collected all the newspaper and laid them on the road. Upon drying, I folded the newspaper neatly and distributed them to the tourists. Not one newspaper was wasted on that day. Some tourists commented, “God is watching up there!”


Epoch Times special edition was published four years ago. It was a great truth clarification material. Dafa disciples are persecuted and tortured brutally. My tears will drop whenever I read news about the persecution. I am angry with myself for not knowing how to clarify the truth. I have let Master down! The release of Epoch Times special edition proved to be a great opportunity to clarify the truth and save people. Saving people is urgent! According to Master, when Fa-rectifying-the-human-world period comes, sentient beings who do not understand the truth will be weeded out.  The sentient beings in Malaysia are waiting for the truth. I must find those sentient beings who have a predestined relationship. I distributed the special edition at coffee shops and restaurants. I met some pro-CCP people who scolded and intimidated me. There were also some kind people who accepted truth materials and thanked me. Whenever I came home after a busy day, my body felt light and energized. I could finish one chapter of <Zhuan Falun> without feeling tired. This was a great feeling. Time flies. People who understand the truth are on the rise whereas pro-CCP people are on the decline. I hope that the Epoch Times special edition can be distributed throughout Malaysia to save more people.


I attended Fa Conference in America last year. A miracle happened on the flight back home. After having lunch, I told myself that I must make full use of my time to study the Fa. I took out my <Zhuan Falun> and started reading the first chapter. I stopped for some light refreshments and then continued reading. After dinner, I went on reading until the next morning. I had my breakfast and then continued reading. I kept reading from one chapter to the other without feeling tired. I finally finished reading the nine chapters after lunch. I put down my book. An air stewardess came and asked me to fasten my seatbelt as the plane was about to land. It struck me that I had been studying the Fa throughout the flight without realizing it. It was amazing. When I stepped out of the plane, I suddenly felt that I was huge and tall. My mind was clear and clean. But was it me? At that instant, I discovered that it was indeed myself…



At this moment, I suddenly got an idea how to solve a problem deep in my heart. Now, I know how to strive forward rigorously on the path of cultivation. Thank you Master for your support.


Thanks Master, Thanks practitioners.


Due to limited understanding, please kindly point out and correct any mistake.