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Singing Songs of Compassion to Assist Master in Fa Rectification

A Dafa Disciple from  Sabah, Malaysia : Kok Sook Fong


Good day to Shi Fu and all practitioners.

The Importance of believing in the Fa and Master

My name is Kok Sook Fong and I am 64 years old. I have been a Dafa practitioner for more than 10 years and have benefitted a lot physically and mentally. Other than doing my job well, I always consider others first, be understanding of others, upgrade my morality and appreciate the happiness that Dafa has bestowed upon me. Some of the blessings that I have experienced for the past fourteen years are I do not need to visit any doctors, take medication nor do I need any food supplement.

Here is an example. I had a fall two months ago while I was taking my shower. The left side of my body knocked onto the protruding part of the cement floor. I could feel that left rib had dislocated and my left thigh was swollen and red. It felt hot but was not painful. Without Master’s mercy, I would certainly be in great trouble. I felt really amazed. My daughter who was outside the bathroom heard the sound of my fall. I treated myself as a practitioner, stayed calm and told her I was alright and that “Falun Dafa is Good”.

I went to group practice the next day. Even though I felt some pain, I persisted to finish practice all four sets of exercises. It was more painful later on. It doesn’t matter if I was doing house chores or driving, the pain did not go away.

Despite the pain, I continued with Fa study, practiced the exercises, sent forth righteous thoughts, clarified the truth and so on. I got rid of fear and remain in believing in Master and the Fa. Two weeks had passed and the pain had gradually lessen until completely gone as if nothing had happened.

 Getting Rid of the Attachment to Comfort

The weather has been inconsistent lately, sometimes hot and sometimes cold and with the arrival of the monsoon season, the morning temperature would reach 25 degrees Celsius. When the alarm clock rang, I did not wake up for morning practice and continued to sleep. This had happened twice. Later on, I realized that this is attachment to comfort and could be a loophole for the old forces!

On the third day, at the sound of the alarm, I jumped out from bed and told myself, ”That’s it. I do not want to create any loophole for the old forces.”

Making Good Use of the Gift that Dafa has Given Me

I would also like to share my experience in using truth clarification boards to clarify the truth with other practitioners. As usual, we showed the truth-clarification boards to the Chinese tourists in the bus. The practitioner who stood beside me started to hum a melody composed by Dafa disciple and I followed suit. When the tourists got down from the bus to take photos, I started to sing for them.

One practitioner then told me that she would bring a small amplifier next time. I agreed that it was a good suggestion. Another practitioner helped to download Dafa music so that I can make use of my voice to show the power of compassion. That was how I started to sing to tourists.

There was an Indian ice-cream seller nearby who asked why were we there for. I told him about the beauty of Dafa and the persecution of Falun Gong. He did not seem to fully understand. He complained once that my singing was giving him headaches and asked me to stop singing. Hearing this, I thought what I have been doing was wrong. I shared this incident with fellow practitioners and then stopped singing.

After practitioners pointed out my incorrect thinking, I realised that my human attachments have come out and I was not acting according to the Fa. It was a test for me and I must pass. Come to think of it, the Chinese tourists would be busy taking photos and might not have time to take a look at our truth clarification boards. So why don’t I use microphone to greet and welcome their arrival and sing for them? This has attracted many tourists to come forward to look at our display boards. The songs composed by Dafa disciples contain compassionate energy. I was shaken and touched at the same time. Practitioners who were there with me were closed to tears, hoping the Chinese tourists could understand the truth and be saved in the future. How could I give up due to a small setback!

I understood that it was Master who wanted me to sing. Therefore, I will continue to assist Master in Fa Rectification and sing. As a result, the Indian ice-cream seller did not complain anymore.

Above is my experience sharing. Due to my limited level, please point out if there is any mistake.

Thank you all.