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Family Benefits from Practising Falun Dafa


Greetings to Master!


Greetings to all practitioners!


My name is Zhuo Ya Xiang, from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. After practising Falun Dafa or Falun Gong, I have undergone many great changes. My body is getting better and my thoughts are sublimated, livable enriched and happy. Thank you Master and Falun Dafa for giving me all these.


In 2010, all of our families are practising Falun Dafa through the introduction of other practitioner. Before practising Falun Dafa, I practised many other type of cultivations. But the more I study them, the more questions I have in my mind, and I felt even more annoyed and unhappy about life. Because of nocturia, I often sleep not well at night, as well as body aches due to uric acid. After practising Falun Dafa, these problems are all gone and my body is getting healthier and more relax. My husband who had sickness in his stomach and frostbite in his eyes, also got healed after practising Falun Dafa.


In the past, I was a straightforward person. I would say anything and did not take into account of others feelings, and frequently having conflicts with people. After learning the Falun Dafa, I know that as a practitioner, I should practice compassionate, so I should pay more attention in my speech. In the past, I often scold my husband and my child. After practising Falun Dafa, Master got into my dream and pointed out my weakness, and thus I had improved a lot.


Before practising Falun Dafa, my mother-in-law, who had epilepsy, often gives the whole family no peace. Her illness can strike any time, and in severe cases she will shout loudly. After many decades of eating a lot of medicine, her condition still did not improve, but after practising Falun Dafa, she is now getting better. Before that, it really annoyed me when I take care of her, and I often have conflicts with her. Now we have a good and harmonious relationship.


After continuous studying Dafa, my XinXing has improved a lot. I do not mind if people scold me for I know it is to improve my XinXing, and it is a good thing to practitioner. Through the conflicts with other practitioner, I will constantly look inward, and get rid of the persistent bad matter. I always think people should be considerate, always considerate of others, so that all the conflicts can be resolved.


Seven of my family members are practising Falun Dafa, and everyone has benefited from it. The children have also become well-behaved after they practice Falun Dafa. My eldest son has used the telephone platform to call the Chinese people to clarify the truth. The relationships between my families has become more and more harmonious. Many relatives and friends saw that Falun Dafa is so good, and they also begin to join in and practise. Soon my home has become a practicing site.


At the beginning, we only do practicing and later we realized that we should study the Fa more. So we set the weekly exercise practice on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Fa study on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. After studying the Fa on Sunday, we exchange ideas on how to improve our cultivation and how to do the three things well.


I know that study the Fa is very important and we can do the other two things well by studying the Fa. Moreover, through the Fa study, I can understand the in depth meaning of the Fa, and I will always look inward when there is conflict with others. When my body is not comfortable, I know that the karma is being cleansed and I just ignore the feeling and it will soon disappear.


I also seriously send forth righteous thought because the more I do it, it can make myself more awakening and the environment will be cleansed instantly. I was very interested in hearing about fortune-telling when I first practise Falun Dafa, and as a result of this bad habit, the bad information entered my body and made me sleepless for three days and two nights. My head was very pain at night. I knew I was wrong, I should not listen to those things, so I quickly send forth righteous thought. As soon as I hold one palm and erect, I saw Master pricked my left neck with a thick needle, and it hurts! That very night I slept well.


Every time I go for shopping, I will bring Dafa flyers in three languages ​​so that I can give to whoever I meet, whether Chinese, Malays or Indians, they will have a chance to learn the truth about Dafa. When I encounter those people who curse me and do not know the truth of Falun Gong, I will patiently clarify to them and also let them know that my whole family are practising it and as a matter of fact, my family members all have gained good health and have saved a lot of medical expenses. And I also suggested that they can search in the internet for more details. For those who are interested in Dafa, I will introduce the book “Zhuan Falun” for them to read. In recent years, many new practitioners have joined in one after another.


Now I am living in a happy life every day. My mind is filled with Dafa, and I am no longer worried about what ordinary people do. I know there is no coincidence in our practice. Everything we have encountered is for us to cultivate, and we have to face everything in a calm manner. Our whole family is very grateful and we really appreciate Master for giving us the opportunity to cultivate in Dafa. We will certainly diligently practice Falun Dafa and do the three things well.


Finally, I like to share this poem in Hong Yin 2: “The Master-Disciple Bond”:


Four years has the wild evil surged

A steady helm has assured the right course

The Disciples of Fa have gone through evil trials

And though great the pressure, their wills are unbowed

There is no affect between master and disciple

The Buddha’s grace remolds Heaven and Earth

When disciples have ample righteous thoughts

Master has the power to turn back the tide

Thank you Master and fellow practictioners.