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Clarifying the Truth and Saving People


Good day to Master and fellow practitioners:

Good day respected Master, and good day fellow practitioners. My speech title today is “Clarifying the Truth and Saving People”. Every morning, I practise all five Falun Gong exercises, and after exercise I study a lecture of Zhuan Falun. In the afternoon, I go out to clarify the truth, and at night, I study Teacher’s Fa lectures with fellow practitioners. I feel that clarifying the truth and doing other Dafa activities are much more efficient after practising the exercises and studying the Fa.

Master said:  “At present, the most important thing is to save sentient beings, save more people! That is the most important thing.” <Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference> “Saving sentient beings is first and foremost. Just try to save more and more people.”  <Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference>

My current location to clarify the truth is located nearby KLCC. That place has a full view of the KLCC Twin Tower. Therefore a lot of tourist buses will make a short stop there for tourists to take photos with the Twin Tower. Every day tens of tour buses bring China tourists to take photos there. As the place is not too big and the tourists concentrate there, making it a nice spot to clarify the truth.

I realized that Master brought people who want to Withdraw from Communist Party (Tuidang) before me. Therefore, whenever the tourists are alighting from the bus, I can somehow tell who are likely to Tuidang, judging from their attitude and actions. I think this is the support given by Master.

Two fellow practitioners took turns to drive their bread trucks to the spot, and truth materials are hung all over the trucks. Some tourists could see the information the moment they got down from bus. Some would read these materials patiently. I would then observe the reaction of the tourists. As time was short, I would approach them to clarify the truth and advise them to Tuidang. I also told them what Xi JinPing mentioned on the 19th National Congress: Gods are everywhere. You need to hurry and withdraw from the communist party. Erase the seal of the evil party, and you can do it with real names or anonymously. By comparing atheism of the communist party to five thousand years of China culture, most of the time people would agree to Tuidang. I would be able to advise few people to Tuidang every day.

In order to get people to Tuidang, I will try my best to help them solve their problems. Once, a tourist finished his cash and coincidentally I was going home. Therefore I drove him to a few banks but with no luck. Finally I brought him to Bank of China where he was able to withdraw cash. On the car, I successfully advised him to Tuidang.

Recently a married couple realized that they had been left behind by the tourist bus after they finished taking their photos. They were worried and lost. I calmed them down and clarified the truth to them. I told them I have a car and offered to take them back, only then they calmed down. I suggested to them to call their friends and get the bus to return. My passion and kind thought moved them. Both husband and wife agreed to Tuidang. After that, their bus returned and the bus driver apologized to the couple repeatedly. The husband told the bus driver loudly, “If you didn’t return, this Falun Gong lady was going to bring us back” Everyone on the street heard this and it left a very good impact. I realized Master made them stay to Tuidang. That day I was able to get 15 people to Tuidang.

Since I am a Malaysian, I will make more efforts to clarify the truth to tour guides in the hope that they will not misguide China tourists after learning the truth. It takes time to change the negative thoughts the tour guides have towards Falun Gong. No matter how hostile they are, we will have to treat them with kindness, and greet them with a smile. Anyhow they will get in touch with the truth around them and over time their perception towards Falun Gong will improve.

Once, when I was clarifying the truth to a bus driver in Malay, a tour guide approached me after noticing that I am a local. I then clarified the truth to him. After he had learned the truth he said, “I will promote for you.” He then took the truth materials and told tourists on the bus loudly “Falun Gong is good!” At that time, I thanked Master for his support. A lot of people understood the truth and were saved on that day.

When tour guides who were yet to understand the truth interfered with us, I would say, “Sir, please remain quiet, and let the tourists make their own decision. They will thank you, and you will then have done the most righteous thing.” Some of the tour guides did stop interrupting us after learning the truth. When the tourists scolded us, they remained silent by the side, listening to us clarifying the truth and letting the tourists make their own decision. The tour guides, the tourists and myself were in perfect harmony.

A tour guide even told me that he had read each issue of our special edition. He obviously has a good understanding of the truth and I am very happy for him that he is saved.

There was one bus driver who initially had a deep misunderstanding about us.  He was very hostile to us and he even hit our fellow practitioners. After a few days he came again. I clarified the truth to him, trying to change his thought. After learning the truth, he revealed the evil of communist party to the tourists and asked them to Tuidang with us. One day his bus came again. He saw me holding a signboard “Have you Tuidang?” He then told the tourists that Falun Gong is here again. Many of the tourists are communist members. I then clarified the truth to one of the tourists. She said all her family members are communist members and she would not be able to make a living if she withdraws from the party. I told her that she could withdraw and keep it to herself. She can still work as usual and get paid as usual. She just needed to remember today’s date. She laughed after listening to what I said. I then told her that appearance comes from within and she looks much more beautiful now. I suggested the name “Mei Mei” for her and she agreed to Tuidang. A few people beside her as well as the village chief also agreed to Tuidang.

Looking within is a magical tool of Dafa practitioners. Anytime when interference happens, we need to look within. There were vendors selling flowers, ice-creams at the location where we clarify the truth, but all of them were not friendly to us. This is because they don’t understand Chinese, and thought we told the tourists not to purchase from them. Only then did we realize that we never told them what we are doing here every day. So I told them what we are actually doing there. After they had learnt the truth, we got along very well. Therefore, every time when a conflict happens, we will find the answer if we look within.

One day, came a woman, from her appearance we knew she is a local, but she said she is China citizen staying in Malaysia for more than ten years. She told us not to embarrass the country with what we were doing. At that time we debated intensely. The situation was chaotic. After she had left, fellow practitioner shared her thought with me that we both should not speak at the same time in future. I told fellow practitioner that the woman is an agent sent by the evil communist party to interfere with us. After listening to what I said, fellow practitioner understood what it was all about. This experience shows us that fellow practitioners should work together as a whole and this will create a great impact in another dimension. Nothing can interfere with us and the whole field is filled with positive energy.

There was once I went to clarify the truth to a government official in his office with two fellow practitioners. With righteous thoughts and actions, we cooperated well.  I sent forth righteous thoughts while two fellow practitioners were clarifying the truth. We started clarifying the truth by talking about forced live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. The official and the secretary were shocked after listening to the truth, and signed the petition without hesitation. Furthermore, we issued 57 letters to officials in every government ministries within four days. The letters stated Falun Gong’s principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance and how it has improved the health of millions of people.  The letters also highlighted the persecution by China Communist Party and forced live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners for profit. Every government buildings we went, all the staffs were friendly and supportive to us. I felt that clarifying the truth this time had produced great results. Other fellow practitioners were inspired by this and they are planning to clarify the truth to the senators.

Since I obtained the Fa in year 2001, Master has taken great care of me along the way. During the ten years in India, I joined local practitioners there to help spread the Fa and teach Falun Gong exercise. Every time we went to spread the Fa at schools in rural areas, the road condition was bad but the drivers sped through it nonetheless. Sometimes we were on a train for hours without air-conditioning. We never felt tired when we traveled in forty over degree Celsius weather to organize an art exhibition. I often traveled alone on a dusty old bus without air-conditioning. During the long journey, there were all kinds of people on the bus, but I was never afraid. I even spread the Fa and clarified the truth to them. Though I was not afraid at that time, but it was actually quite scary in retrospect. “All of those who have encountered these situations were not scared, although they might have been afterward” <Zhuan Falun>

That’s all from me, thank you Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners.